Help Our Poor Beleaguered Birds: Keep Your Yard Peaceful and Quiet

Birds have so much to deal with to survive during the Anthropocene: Pesticides, habitat loss, loss of trees, roaming cats, large glass windows, exotic plants that don’t host the North American insects they need, dirty bird feeders and a changing climate. 
Then… add what’s happening in my neighborhood and many neighborhoods around the country: the dreaded landscaping ‘Mow and Blow’ Crews.  These guys are the very worst when it comes to “taking care of our earth”.  In Atlanta, Georgia they have the loudest most polluting engine blasting away 12 hours a day with no regulations stopping them.
The decibel level of our outdoor activity matters.
▪️If we want our gardens to be bird sanctuaries, we can’t have leaf blowers blasting away at 110 decibels in our yards and neighborhoods.
▪️Leaf blowers aren’t conducive to a healthy life… for human life or wildlife.
▪️Read more here: #banleafblowers #quietyards #peacefulyards. #birds 

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