Defend Your Pollinator Garden: Here’s How I Easily Reported Pesticide Drift From My Neighbor’s Mosquito Spraying Company

Atlanta GA: I filed a complaint against my neighbor’s mosquito spraying company and the company received a formal warning letter from the Dept. Of Agriculture. Drift was detected on my property. Action will be taken against the company if more complaints are received. The more complaints we file against these mosquito spraying companies, the more power we have over our own property and pollinator gardens. My yard is an Audubon Sanctuary as well.

It was a very simple process:
1. I googled “Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticides”.
2. I called “Pesticide Complaints and Enforcement”. I lodged a formal complaint over the phone. It took 5 minutes.
3. They sent someone out to take my testimony and samples of my plants back to their lab.
4. Drift of Talstar/Bifenthrin was detected on my plants.

5. A warning letter was sent to the company.


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