Defend Your Pollinator Garden: Here’s How I Easily Reported Pesticide Drift From My Neighbor’s Mosquito Spraying Company

Atlanta GA: I filed a complaint against my neighbor’s mosquito spraying company and the company received a formal warning letter from the Dept. Of Agriculture. Drift was detected on my property. Action will be taken against the company if more complaints are received. The more complaints we file against these mosquito spraying companies, the more power we have over our own property and pollinator gardens. My yard is an Audubon Sanctuary as well.

It was a very simple process:
1. I googled “Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticides”.
2. I called “Pesticide Complaints and Enforcement”. I lodged a formal complaint over the phone. It took 5 minutes.
3. They sent someone out to take my testimony and samples of my plants back to their lab.
4. Drift of Talstar/Bifenthrin was detected on my plants.

5. A warning letter was sent to the company.


Help Our Poor Beleaguered Birds: Keep Your Yard Peaceful and Quiet

Birds have so much to deal with to survive during the Anthropocene: Pesticides, habitat loss, loss of trees, roaming cats, large glass windows, exotic plants that don’t host the North American insects they need, dirty bird feeders and a changing climate. 
Then… add what’s happening in my neighborhood and many neighborhoods around the country: the dreaded landscaping ‘Mow and Blow’ Crews.  These guys are the very worst when it comes to “taking care of our earth”.  In Atlanta, Georgia they have the loudest most polluting engine blasting away 12 hours a day with no regulations stopping them.
The decibel level of our outdoor activity matters.
▪️If we want our gardens to be bird sanctuaries, we can’t have leaf blowers blasting away at 110 decibels in our yards and neighborhoods.
▪️Leaf blowers aren’t conducive to a healthy life… for human life or wildlife.
▪️Read more here: #banleafblowers #quietyards #peacefulyards. #birds 

Leaf Blowers: Extreme Polluters

  • By 2020 in California, gas-powered lawn equipment will be the biggest source of ozone/smog pollution in the state (SOURCE: California Air Resources Board)
  • Explanation here: The problem with small engines is that they generally have a primitive design and little or no emissions control technology. While cars and trucks have leaped ahead with catalytic converters, advanced combustion techniques, and computer-controlled fuel injection, small engines are still using technology that was outdated in the 1960s. Worst of all are two-stroke engines, which require oil to be mixed in with the fuel, about a third of which is forced out the exhaust instead of being burned, and so produce immense pollution as a basic function of operating.

Find Your Native Powerhouse Plants By Zipcode! See More Butterflies!

75573776_10215564151640889_6280123024414867456_n (1)Exotic plants don’t even come close.

Native Black Willow (Salix nigra)
DISTRIBUTION USA: AL, AR , CT , DC , DE , FL , GA , IA , IL , IN , KS , KY , LA , MA , MD , ME , MI , MN , MO , MS , NC , NE , NH , NJ , NY , OH , OK , PA , RI , SC , TN , TX , VA , VT , WI , WV
Canada: MB , NB , ON , QC
Requires moist soil; found along stream-beds.
Read more here:

Leaf Blower Landscaping Crews Lower Property Values

(This article is “in progress” still being edited and written.)

Beware of a “perfectly” manicured neighborhood. It takes hours of landscaping noise and dangerous chemicals to achieve that look.

We need to get this concept across. NO ONE WANTS THESE godforsaken machines!

A friend recently told me that she didn’t go through with the purchase of a home because every time she visited the property there were leaf blowers blasting away in the neighborhood. The noise and pollution is lowering our property values.

Home buyers will pay a premium to live in areas where these crews are not allowed and where individual use of leaf blowers is not allowed. Those will be the MOST DESIRABLE neighborhoods to invest in.


The researchers concluded that as many as 14 percent of cases of hypertension and 9 percent of cases of high cholesterol were potentially a result of noise exposure — possibly because of the stress of a loud working environment. SOURCE: American Journal of Industrial Medicine in 2018


A 2018 World Health Organization analysis of 34 studies linked noise exposure to poorer reading comprehension, standardized test scores and long-term memory. (SOURCE: 2018 World Health Organization analysis of 34 studies)

Ban 2 Stroke Leaf Blowers. They are blasting cancer causing chems and filth into your childrens lungs. Others have bans. #FACT
In the past, neighborhoods were quiet because the tools we had were manual and quiet. Things are different now. Now we live in…
where everyone has a power tool in their hand: power washer, power mower, power edger and then the peace-shattering, overly-powerful leaf blower. We need some strong laws to stop the madness. 
Yesterday I finally got myself together to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I’ve been sick for a few days. The moment I approached the door to step out, the blowers started. This is the landscaper that services 2 adjacent properties, so that’s at least 2 hours of noise and fumes. And then the sun would start to go down. I wouldn’t be deterred. I put on my old Walkman and over the regular headphones, I put noise cancelling headphones. But even with all that, the noise was deafening. And the fumes and dust was starting to get to me too. I finally gave up and went back indoors. It’s very depressing..
Mimi Regelson I have to confess that while I know that electric leaf blowers are cleaner and quieter I don’t like them either. The sound isn’t as bad but still annoying since I work from home and, just in general, prefer to live in a quieter neighborhood without a lot of mechanical sound. Also I have asthma and take care of my elderly mom who also has breathing issues and even these leaf blowers tend to distribute more allergens into the air than a broom or rake. Of course if forced at gunpoint to choose, I WILL choose an electric one over a gas blower immediately.

I am 73 years old, retired, healthy, and spend most of my day outside working, walking, reading, and enjoying nature.  After receiving the advanced technology of a cochlear implant 8 years ago my profound deafness has been replaced with clear conversations, children’s voices, bird’s chirping, and the sound of passing vehicles.  But, the noise of the old technology two-cycle gas leaf blower forces me to turn off my cochlear device. I become disabled with unnecessary deafness, only hearing the annoying sounds of tinnitus. I am denied the ability to easily communicate and feel vulnerable.   Sadly, the vast majority of landscapers, carrying the gas leaf blowers on their back, ignore the use of noise canceling ear protection. I know by using these roaring gas leaf blowers for hours each day it will result in their own future hearing loss. We are all losers in the gas leaf blower battle with the environment and our health.Leonard Urban

No one who works at home, parents at home, is retired at home or sick at home should be forced to endure this ever present nightmare of overtly loud and shrill gas leaf blowers piercing our calm.  As tax-paying home owners, we have the right to peaceful enjoyment of our property and our homes. But our rights abruptly disappear mid-March to mid-December in favor of landscapers whose rights trump ours.  And I am reminded that my beagle, Cookie, passed away as a direct result of the gasoline fumes that filled my den after a 45 minute winter clean-up on my neighbor’s property in November 2012. The conditions that allowed a beloved pet to seizure for the first time, from gasoline fumes, remain in place today.

Abigail Bayliss O’Dowd I live across the road from a primary school and EVERY DAY at 6:30 am this dude leaf blows the entire place omg so annoying

important article

  • Gary Louis Dearman Rakes are great, but wouldn’t they be better if they wasted gas, made a deafening noise, weighed 25 pounds, and cost a couple hundred dollars each?
  • Theresa Krest Bathen Leslie Nelson Inman Thank you! Last spring he blew out his garage and the cloud didn’t dissipate for about four or five houses down the road where kids were out playing basketball and in their yards. It was full of the salt from his cars over the winter – you could literally taste it in the air. I am sure it left a lovely coating on everyone’s car as well
    • EB Lubman OMG, I hate those things!! I used to live in a “rich” neighborhood (middle class people who lived beyond their means) and they used to hire landscapers to blow their yards. I couldn’t walk on my own block half the time. One time my neighbors blew all their dirt into my yard, into my baby’s stroller that I left outside because I couldn’t bring it in right away!
      Now I live in a neighborhood where people live within their means and are more low-income, so they don’t do this crap. Most of the people who have any form of yard plant food instead of pointless, manicured grass and flowers that they have to change up every season. But once when I was going to a meeting in my child’s school, I had to walk through a rich neighborhood, where there was a leaf blower running on every other block. I was so disgusted, and so appreciative of my new location
      There is a natural cemetery in UK that, some years ago, changed from power mowers to people with scythes for maintenance. They immediately noticed the return of all kinds of wildlife.
      Karen Wilkerson Hate leaf blowers. Perfect way to ruin a beautiful afternoon, especially when everybody is out doing it. My neighbor blows off her driveway every day. She worships her driveway and hates trees and birds! Now thinking maybe she is doing it on purpose.

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Leaf Blower Warfare All Year Long

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I just opened my back door to let my dog out on a beautiful, crisp autumn morning and what do I hear? Birds chirping? My fountain gently gurgling?  No. I hear the menacing roar of backpack leaf blowers destroying the potential beauty of a fall morning.  In a more rational world, I could stand outside sip my cup of coffee, soak up a little vitamin D, watch my dog sniff around and listen to the birds.  These are reasonable expectations that most people have when they buy a house with a yard. These are simple everyday pleasures that research tells us are vital to our health. Encounters with a peaceful natural setting bring down your blood pressure and your cortisol level.  A brief communing with nature before heading off to the roadways and highways to work would be beneficial to anyone’s health. This is what our tiny intown yards were meant to be, a respite from the noise and chaos of the city, but now our yards are the cause of the noise and chaos in the city.  It’s a leaf blower warzone.  Our neighborhoods have become uninhabitable for humans and birds alike.

The good news is gas leaf blowers have been banned or restricted in more than 170 municipalities in 31 states across the U.S. and the landscaping industry has adjusted with more environmentally friendly practices using brooms, rakes and electric blowers.  Where these bans are in place, landscaping companies are still in business and prices haven’t gone up.